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It’s about progression. Keeping the art of hairdressing fresh. Dynamic. Alive. Balancing expression and invention – with the skills and precise technical understanding that set creativity free.
It’s about gaining recognition – for the craft, artistry and dedication that we put into hairdressing. Celebrating the journey, not just the destination – whether you’re just starting out in hairdressing or you are a household name.

Creative Intelligence has led us to develop specialist products – tools that encourage creativity. Brands that hairdressers and consumers love.

Creative Intelligence has shown us that hairdressing is key to progressing the art and craft of hairdressing. Keeping it fresh. Alive.

Creative Intelligence drives everything we do – and who we do it for.

Website: www.tigiprofessional.com


Bed Head website: www.bedhead.com
Catwalk website: www.catwalkbytigi.com
S factor website: www.sfactorbytigi.com
Tigi Copyright Colour website: www.sfactorbytigi.com



A 100% Italian company that is still led by the Nocentini family, who founded it in 1959, Kemon has been producing and distributing products, training and images exclusively for the professional hair styling market for more than 50 years.
A modern research laboratory that continuously develops new products to satisfy the needs of professionals around the world, centralized production guided by ISO 9001:2000 quality certification standards, marketing involved in the most effective promotional and communication activities, and a training sector that is in continual evolution: all these things make Kemon one of the leading companies on the Italian professional hair styling market.

But the Italian market is not the only area included in the expansion plans of the company, which has been operating since the 1980’s at the international level and now has a presence in more than 40 countries around the world. This presence is in continual growth and is in the stages of being consolidated, expressing the company’s desire to be the ambassador of quality and Italian style.
In addition to extremely high-quality products and services, Kemon offers the flexibility and dynamism of an agile structure, the efficiency of its systems and, above all, a human scale organization, in which personal relations are of prime importance and customer care is an objective that is pursued at every company level.

Website: www.kemon.it



We present ourselves as the ideal partner for the hairstylist who wants to make hair treatment a service of high quality standard.
The Italian leader in Treatment Service for the beautiful hair, healthy scalp, and the client’s wellness.
Italian style: the style that embodies our distinctive values

Tradition and Innovation
We have been working with hairstylists since 1978 in order to develop and endorse the profession of hair treatment.

Elegance and simplicity
Harmony of form, sober colours, soft touch packaging and colour code to identify the result.

Uniqueness and effectiveness
Personalized solutions for all kinds of needs and a guarantee of the result.

Science and Nature
Technologically advanced raw materials skillfully mixed with natural ingredients.
In our formulations you can find the perfect union between the functionality of science and the goodness of nature.

An integrated programme of customised interventions , specifically developed for fragile, vulnerable, aged, worn, brittle and damaged hair.

Website: www.kemon.it/actyva



Tecna Italia S.r.l. was established in 1995. All its philosophy is based on the bio-natural concept. This philosophy takes care of the client’s and the operator’s health. The naturalistic concept is the guide line for hair care.

Our mission is to make the client’s wishes come true and even to anticipate them, taking care consciously of the client’s global wellness with the right method. Care and philosophy are the fundamental values Tecna Italia built its relationship with the market on.

We chosed to be an ethical company for which the human being is the centre and the respect an indispensable value.

Born in 1995 TECNA, with head quarter and production in Rome-Italy, founded its production on the ideal synergy between Technology and Nature. This gave the name to the company: TEC-NA We founded our philosophy on the bio-natural concept.

We take care of the client’s and the stylist’s health and the natural concept is the guide line for hair care. We meet the client’s requirements and we consciously take care of the peoples’ health.

Care and philosophy are the principles on which TECNA based its relation with the market.We’ve chosen to be an ethical company for which the human being is the centre and respect is a value we cannot renounce to.

Website: www.tecnahaircare.it




In 2001, ghd revolutionised the way women styled their hair with the launch of its first styler – a professional tool designed for salon use that could also be easily used at home. ghd has continued to be a leader and innovator in hair styling with its range of professional brushes,ghd Style styling products and the launch of its first hairdryer, ghd air.

Website: www.ghdhair.com

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