Femme Fatale

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About Us

“From hair to heart”…

Femme Fatale is a project of love for woman’s care and look. Its name was born on the occasion of the 1st award win 2009 “Bride/night hairstyle” during the 11th edition of “Gran Galà” of Total Look Academy in Andria (BT).

After many years of experience in several salons in Italy, Luciana Ventrella has realized her project “Femme Fatale” which is the result of her passion for the continuous innovation in hairstyling world but it also represents her constant training in this field.

“Our philosophy is inside the name itself: every woman is considered the only one and our duty/pleasure is taking to the highest degree the awareness of her femininity. Femme Fatale is a French term that means everything a woman represents : irresistible force, charm and elegance. In other words the care of the beauty isn’t just appearance but it becomes love towards herself because you can see the beauty but you feel the charm”.

What we’ve always known how to do best is supplying the best quality in our service but especially a tangible quality proved by the continuous stylistic research and by the best products present in commerce.
In our salon everything has the aim to improve the sensation of wellness and to differentiate and last but not least to give the best service to our client.
In addition to the passion Femme Fatale is always in line with the times and she is always desirous to change : for this reason we often change the disposition of the furniture in our salon.
So you are going to welcome in a close and in the meantime minimal location but always exuberant and desirous to evolve.
The evolution is our strength and we are proud of several courses with the best brands in commerce.

This is possible thanks to the innate treatment typical of Italian competence but also our dedicate care of our client’s personality because he is the heart of our walk of life and work.

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